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The unique CORGI Fenestration Installer Scheme is here. It combines the CORGI Fenestration quality mark with notifications across windows, doors and other fenestration products, including self-certification of replacement windows and doors. Then it adds a ‘TripAdvisor’ type consumer ratings function and recognition of the best qualified workforce. It is for installers that pride themselves on being some of the best in the industry.

The CORGI Fenestration Installer Scheme comprises:

The CORGI Fenestration Quality Mark: registered installers will have passed a rigorous audit process. CORGI Fenestration does not add another level of red tape – but purely assesses existing management processes, quality of installation work, customer care and qualifications of staff. Once registered installers will be able to use the CORGI Fenestration name across their business.

Notification & Self-Certification:

A web-based service for all installation jobs. It covers windows and doors, replacement and new build, across domestic and commercial premises and extends to a raft of fenestration products ranging from conservatories to guttering.

Building Regulations self-certification is being offered in partnership with an independent third party and includes the required consumer financial protection. Homeowners will receive a CORGI Fenestration branded installation certificate.

CORGI Fenestration RateYourInstallation™

All consumers will be invited to rate their installation for inclusion in a ‘TripAdvisor’ type consumer ratings service run by CORGI Fenestration. In due course this will allow homeowners to choose installers independently rated by other satisfied customers. This is another valuable installer marketing tool.

CORGI Fenestration Skills Card:

CORGI Fenestration recognises only the best in glazing sector qualifications and all registered installers must employ qualified staff. Installers will be encouraged to move to a fully carded workforce carrying this Skills Card. These cards are linked to an online Skills Register which allows homeowners to check who they are letting into their homes and how qualified they are. Only glazing sector NVQs assessed and approved by the GQA, the industry’s leading qualifications provider, are recognised.

Risk Based Inspection Rate:

As CORGI Fenestration registered installers are subject to at least an annual business audit and satisfy the requirements of best practice they may undergo fewer installation inspections. This lower inspection rate is calculated by CORGI Fenestration’s proprietary risk assessment system – the Quality Standards Indicator™. As a result, an installers total costs may be lower than through existing schemes.

Customer Care Excellence:

CORGI Fenestration is committed to providing all registered businesses with the best in customer care. We will practice what we preach.

“We are not asking installers to do anything extra to become CORGI Fenestration registered. We are not asking them to add to their bureaucratic burden,” says CORGI Fenestration CEO Chris Mayne. “We assess and recognise existing best practice procedures – however achieved and recorded.”

“Installers need to be committed to be the best and demonstrate they are achieving it to register with CORGI Fenestration,” Mayne added. “It’s not for everyone. If a business is just about satisfying minimum requirements across management, regulations and qualifications then CORGI Fenestration is not for them.”

Prices: Annual registration fee £200; Audit fee £600; Notification fee £15 per installation.

Note: the notification fee is all inclusive so there are no additional insurance costs to pay. All fees are ex VAT.

“Up until now there has not been a widely recognised quality mark – let alone a name known by consumers – that has allowed the most professional, excellence focussed companies in our industry to set themselves apart from the pack,” Mayne concluded. “There is now!”

To apply to register with CORGI Fenestration: email us on or call us at 0800 246 1729

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