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CORGI Services undertook a consumer awareness survey* in 2019 that revealed that the CORGI name was recognised by 71% of consumers in England, Scotland and Wales.

The next three bodies behind CORGI recognised by consumers in the same survey were: BSI (British Standards Institution) – 64%; FTA (Fair Trades Association) – 50%; FMB (Federation of Master Builders) – 40%. No glazing sector trade bodies’ names were included in the survey.

“The strength of the CORGI brand is the main reason we approached CORGI Services to licence us to operate in the window and doors sector,” explained CORGI Fenestration CEO Chris Mayne.

Mayne added: “We know the CORGI name is recognised for trust, reliability, expertise and quality. This meshes perfectly with our belief that the fenestration sector is crying out for a quality mark that recognises the best – not a set of lowest common denominator, minimum legal requirements. Many highly reputable companies in our sector are committed to manufacturing, installing and maintaining to the highest standards possible and want to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. CORGI Fenestration lets them do that by using a mark instantly recognised not just by UK consumers but also by everyone working in the glazing sector.

“I think I am being proved right – as we have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the industry. But CORGI Fenestration is not for everyone – if you are not committed to quality then it’s not for you.”

“We also wanted to extend that quality mark to include qualifications,” Mayne concluded. “The CORGI Fenestration Skills Card accepts the most recognised glazing sector NVQs – those assessed by GQA Qualifications and their highly experienced team. They are based on National Occupational Standards and regulated by Ofqual. It also recognises GQA approved in-house courses. Our vision is that the most highly qualified members of the industry’s workforce – installers, surveyors, manufacturing employees – will soon be carrying a CORGI Fenestration card.”

Caitriona Deakin, CEO of CORGI Services, added: “The CORGI Services group of licensed businesses operates to give consumers peace of mind that a job in their home will be done right, and the ethos of CORGI Fenestration reflects this.

CORGI Fenestration is entirely complementary to the other CORGI licences and will help to future proof companies for the challenges that exist in the fenestration sector.”

CORGI Fenestration was launched in March 2017.

About CORGI Services

CORGI Services brings together a range of products and services to support the heating, plumbing and renewables industry and is the fund-raising arm of registered charity, the Gas Safety Trust.

Its business portfolio includes CORGI Fenestration, CORGI Controls, CORGI HomePlan, CORGI Insurance, CORGI Technical Services, CORGI Underfloor Heating, CORGI Vans and CORGI Homeheat.

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Tel: 0800 246 1729

*1,000 consumers across England, Scotland and Wales were interviewed by telephone. The respondents were representative of the general population.

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