CORGI Fenestration Registered Companies

Component Manufacturer

Scheme Requirements

In addition to being required to operate in accordance with the scheme rules, companies will be expected to comply with a code of practice and, if the company carries out installation, to notify the Scheme of all installations that it completes.

Management System

CORGI Fenestration Scheme registered companies are expected to operate a Management system or Fabrication Production control system (FPC) as appropriate to their business. The CORGI Fenestration Scheme will consider a companies’ own internal procedures and existing approvals and evaluate how that company operates. The emphasis of the CORGI Fenestration Scheme is on head office control, which in turn should ensure correct use and installation of products through the supply chain, ultimately giving confidence to the consumer or end user.

In all cases CORGI Fenestration Scheme will conduct a head office and site visit to ensure that the scheme rules and code of conduct are being followed. As part of our audit we will be looking at how the company identifies correct use of its component products and what information is supplied to the supply chain to advise on correct usage.

Features and Benefits

  • Becoming a CORGI Registered Company shows a commitment to quality through qualification by ensuring that their activities are underpinned by a qualified workforce.
  • Working with CORGI Fenestration enables companies to contribute to setting of sector best practice methodology and the development of both existing and new qualification to support the fenestration industry.
  • CORGI is still the most recognised brand to consumers
  • Expectations are that any Registered Company using the CORGI brand is trustworthy, ethical, reliable and qualified.
  • By considering the entire supply chain CORGI Fenestration is unique in its offering and gives confidence that all CORGI Registered Companies with which you may do business are achieving the same high standards and abide by the same code of conduct.

For more information download our Scheme Rules,  Quick Guide and our Code of Conduct.

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