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GQA Qualifications Limited

CORGI Fenestration represents a new approach and a new opportunity for our industry.

We have been campaigning for a number of years now to try to encourage employers across our industry to build on the GQA principle of delivering ‘Quality through Qualifications’. It is a simple set of guiding principles which we believe helps those selling products to get the message across, that qualified people carrying out work in the homes of consumers or at the premises of commercial customers will deliver a better service, and quality, than people who are not”.

I was in discussions with Chris Mayne and Jacqueline Crawford about ‘Quality through Qualifications’ when they told me about CORGI Fenestration. It was obvious that this was a major breakthrough for the industry and that we must support it.

CORGI coming into fenestration is a great opportunity for the industry to put itself on an equal footing with many other home improvement industries which win consumer business based on the fact that those delivering its goods and services are recognised as being formally qualified to do so.

The new CORGI Fenestration Scheme delivers exactly that and will bring a new approach to the industry. It is something we are fully supportive of and will work alongside to deliver a sustainable approach to development and learning in the industry.

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