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As many properties enter the next phase of home improvement there is a new trend developing in simply replacing the IGU’s and servicing existing frames rather than installing full replacement products. Many customers are requesting certification of this activity and paperwork to indicate they have had the work completed, saving any arguments if they decide to sell the property.

CORGI Fenestration was approached by its customers to provide a solution and is pleased to announce that it is now taking notifications for the repair and maintenance of all fenestration products and installation of replacement IGU’s.

CEO Chris Mayne said “ We have always intended to cover the entire supply chain and included repair and maintenance within that. Customers want the same assurances when having work conducted on their property whether it be new installations or repair and maintenance. This offers another section of the supply chain the ability to demonstrate their integrity and competence and gives the homeowner the reassurance they are asking for.”

The process of notification is the same online system used for the notification of new installations and can be completed job by job or bulk upload. Existing CORGI Fenestration companies will simply indicate the repair work carried out on their notification submissions.

Companies who only carry out repair & maintenance activities will be able to offer their customers:

  • Registration of the repair with CORGI Fenestration
  • Invitation to a TripAdvisor style customer rating scheme, RateYourInstallation, with installer right of reply which allows companies to analyse the performance of their depots and teams as well as publicising their consumer ratings.
  • Use of the CORGI Fenestration Complaints procedure
  • CORGI Fenestration Installation certificate, covering all the work undertaken, delivered digitally resulting in a quicker service for the customer.

If you carry out repair and maintenance of fenestration products and are interested in becoming CORGI Fenestration registered then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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