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Locksmith Doctor, Peterborough, was a real NHS anaesthetic practitioner and served recently in the Covid-19 Nightingale hospital in London.

Gary Braesyde led an eight-strong care team at the Nightingale Hospital for over two months.  “I was invited as a clinical educator to teach at the Nightingale but when I saw the situation, I knew I just had to be involved far more. I just had to do it.

The job is a calling. I could not stand by and see my colleagues working so hard that they were almost dropping on the floor.”

That was ten weeks ago.  Today he is back running his new locksmith business – Locksmith Doctor Ltd– which services clients in Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounding areas.


Why did he change careers from the NHS to lock repairs?  “After a recent loss of a loved one and after re-evaluating what’s important in life, which is family and my children, I decided that it’s time to put them first.”  Gary’s son is autistic and he decided to set up a business that he could take over and would provide him with a lifetimes employment and a worthwhile career.

Gary added: “All too often people see a disability and not someone who is unique, wonderful and has a lot to offer. It’s about time that as a society we recognise that everyone is equal and everyone has the same rights irrespective of their physical, mental state. I want to make a difference. I want to know that this business will continue to hold strong ethical values for both customers and staff and that we are more than just locksmiths; we are a sense of belonging, family and community.”

To show customers that Locksmith Doctor is committed to providing only the most professional and qualified installers Gary registered with the CORGI Fenestration Skilled Locksmiths Scheme.

The Scheme was launched in response to pressure to recognise excellence in the profession.  Any locksmith – from sole traders to national companies – that has completed a CORGI Fenestration approved qualification can be registered on the scheme.  Each job they complete has to be registered with CORGI Fenestration on its website, via its easy to use web page.

“Gary Braesyde and his Locksmith Doctor business is exactly the kind of professional that the CORGI Scheme was established to represent,” explained Jacqui Crawford, CORGI Fenestration COO.  “We created a scheme that recognises the skills and qualifications of the best locksmiths in the country and allows them to shout about the quality of their work.”

Gary concluded: “I signed up to CORGI as I strongly believe in their ethics which mirror my own. Ethics are based on professionalism and raising standards within the locksmith industry. Gaining CORGI registration was hard work but essential for the public to know that we are trained to the highest standards.”

As you would expect from a medical professional, Locksmith Doctor follows the CORGI Fenestration COVID-19 Consumer Guide, with full PPE mask and gloves, adhering to the 2-meter rule and hands washed before and after contact with customers premises.

Registered locksmiths are issued with a CORGI Fenestration photo ID card and are CRB checked, can market themselves using CORGI Fenestration branding, and are listed on the CORGI Fenestration Locksmiths Register (with customer search facility). They can also be customer rated using the online ‘Rate Your Installation’ system – another valuable marketing tool.

All registered locksmiths’ customers will receive a CORGI Fenestration Installation/Repair Certificate by email.

The cost of registering a job is on a sliding scale and starts at just £3.00 and the Annual Company Registration Fee is £150.00 with an annual Skills card Fee is £30 (all excluding VAT).  For a full list of audit and inspection costs and full information about the Scheme, visit the website:

For more information on the Locksmith Doctor visit:







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