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 Dispute Resolution success for CORGI Fenestration company

In 2021, we launched a new partnership with QASSS to introduce their Dispute Assist product to our members. Dispute Assist is an innovative and pre-event service which gives businesses access to industry-leading alternative dispute resolution (ADR for short) at a nominal and all-inclusive price.

One of the first ADR cases involved mediating between a consumer and a CORGI Fenestration member.

The installer and consumer were at deadlock and contemplating legal action after a major dispute, which is when the ADR team at QASSS were instructed to help resolve the case.


The consumer claimed that the installer had not carried out her installation of 13 windows, with due care and attention. The consumer was seeking that all the windows be removed and replaced. A lot of this was based on emotion rather than necessity.

Over the course of the month after the initial installation, emotions & frustrations escalated on both sides. The consumer withheld full payment which prompted both sides to threaten legal action.

CORGI Fenestration referred the member company to QASSS Ltd and subsequently, both the consumer and company agreed to enter into mediation. Both parties understood that the ADR service is impartial and focuses on the facts to seek a fair and mutually agreeable resolution.


Tracy Dilworth, Senior Dispute Resolution Officer, worked with both parties using mediation to focus them on the facts and distinct areas of the dispute.

Tracy used her in depth experience of the fenestration sector, along with the QASSS state-of-the-art video remote capture technology, to gain the required evidence and build a complete complaint file. This resulted in both parties saving time and money, with not having to obtain further expert reports and allowing all parties to view the evidence provided.

Once the evidence was gathered and a full complaint file complied, QASSS were able to enter into mediation with both parties to seek that mutually agreeable resolution. These techniques involve taking the emotion out of a complaint and working solely on the facts. The resolution resulted in a combination of remedial works to be carried out, within an agreed timescale, and the consumer agreeing full and final payment once satisfied.

From instruction to full resolution, QASSS achieved this within just 4 days!

In line with the agreement, remedial work was then carried out and the consumer paid the agreed balance in full.

Both parties have expressed they would not have reached a fair resolution without the help of QASSS and how delighted they were with the speed and professionalism of our ADR service, reflected in these testimonials received from both parties.

Ms. H. Consumer said of the experience,

“I was offered the services of QASSS Ltd via CORGI Fenestration to assist me in seeking a resolution for the issues I had. Although slightly apprehensive, I can now not thank Tracy & QASSS enough. Tracy took the time to talk to me and understand my frustrations and the issues I had.

It was great talking to Tracy as I really did feel that she was going to get this matter sorted for me. Now everything has been resolved and I am so happy that I can move on. I can’t recommend QASSS and the whole ADR process enough.

This saved me a great deal of time, money (due to not having to go legal), and emotional pain. It has made me think that if I am carrying out any further works to my property, I will ensure they have an ADR provider!”

The CORGI Fenestration Company said of their experience,

“After one of our customers refused to pay and was very uncooperative, we were advised by CORGI to try mediation from QASSS.

We were very sceptical at first as with all our dealings with our customer we saw no possible way of anybody getting through to her, but as we were not getting paid what was the harm in trying?

From the first meeting with Tracy, she put us at ease and made us feel that there could be hope of us getting resolution.

With all our correspondence with Tracy she has remained professional and helpful and intent on getting an amicable outcome.

It took a while to get there as trying to get everybody in the same place at the same time was a bit of a nightmare, but I’m pleased to say that today the final balance has cleared, and full payment has been received. Thank you, Tracy!

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service to anybody who made need it in the future.

Thanks again Tracy and in the nicest possible way we hope we don’t have to deal with you again any time soon!!!”



QASSS are the only CTSI approved ADR provider with over 10 years” experience in the home improvement sector. They move quickly to take complaints that are escalating and gain fair and reasonable resolution that both parties can agree to, using mediation and conciliation.

Uniquely in the ADR space, they can also arrange to complete any remedial works needed via an independent approved contractor network.

Dispute Assist is their innovative product which gives trade organisations, their members and consumers access to the QASSS award winning service at a nominal price.

Plus, with Dispute Assist, companies get all-inclusive dispute resolution services – this includes all costs including mediation and conciliation, independent inspections, expert witnesses, and ombudsman access – so there are no surprise bills.

If you would like to know more about QASSS and Dispute Assist from CORGI Fenestration just drop us an email or give us a call.


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